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Ace Performance Training is committed to developing Martial Arts and/or athletic synergistic care program that is specifically designed to heal you, inspire you, provide guidance, and give you the necessary knowledge and tools to take you to your desired level of strength, flexibility, and performance. We strive to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives by creating a memorable experience that is personable, safe, and effective! 

Reaching your martial arts or corrective exercise goal is a team effort. Your journey is made up of 3 factors:
1/3 is the training itself- your consistency, and being inspired and learning and retaining techniques, learning exercises, quality instruction, etc.
1/3 is committing to do your best.
1/3 is your discipline with nutrition and recovery methodology and practices.
It takes all three parts to make up the whole which is why we are a team working towards and supporting your self improvement.

Core Values

Provide a safe and effective fitness, corrective exercise, and martial arts program
Always have the client's goals and best interest in mind
Maintain a professional and personable client-coach relationship
Responsibility, integrity, and accountability
Educate our clients so they can succeed
Continuously learn, adapt, and grow
Lead by example and work as a team

What We Offer

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling
Mixed Martial Arts Privates
Striking Classes
One-On-One Fitness Coaching 
Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation Programs
Cold Laser Therapy 
Cupping Services & Fascia Stretching Therapy
Small Business Consultation Services
Family Friendly Environment!

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

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Fitness Coaching


Who We Are

Ace Performance Training is a high-altitude private Martial Arts Academy and athletic general contracting agency in which we perform biomechanics correction assessments on MMA fighters, grapplers, Jiu Jiteiros, and Judokas. We then develop a synergistic team of care personally tailored to each athlete’s needs. 

“We are a Tom DEBLASS Association affiliate located in beautiful Big Bear City, CA

*We also offer travel services to Seminars FST/ LLT/ CES Assessments and biomechanics assessments. 

APT was originally founded as a fitness coaching business in 2013 by Jessica- and has now expanded into what it is today!

At Ace Performance Training, nothing is more rewarding than helping others change their lives through martial arts while remaining healthy and balanced. We are educated and certified in order to help you reach your martial arts goals. There are a multitude of benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle and you will get to experience how great it feels to push your limits and test what you are truly capable of (pain free) We are determined to motivate and coach you in order to bring out the best athlete in you. 

Meet the Founder

We are located in Big Bear, CA offering altitude training.

*We also offer traveling services to academies for FST/ LLT/ CES Assessments and manual fascia corrections.

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